Janice & Pierce Burn
“Thank you for your warmth & friendliness .

Dave & Bernadette Packer
“Very friendly hosts, thank you.”

Catriona & Simon Dehne
“Thank you Liam for a wonderful intro to Irish hospitality.”

C. Godsmank
“Thank you very much for excellent hospitality - a pleasure to stay!”

Ian, Joe & Paul
“Thanks Liam & Family, we had a lovely time, cheers!”

Mr. G. A. Taylor
“Thank you for a warm welcome and for all you did.”

B. McCarrick
"Warm, clean & comfortable. Polite, friendly & sociable – would like to come again. Thank you.”

John Nixon
“A wonderful place to stay. Very comfortable – I can recommend it to anyone for Irish hospitality.”

B. Alliuson
“Many thanks, I needed a rest!”

“Thank you for your unrivalled hospitality, outrageous generosity & great breakfast – it will be hard to keep me away!”

“I will recommend, thank you.”

Claire Sturlad
“Very pleasant B&B. Had a nice stay. Thanks.”

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jones
“Great Place, nice view, tank a lot!”

John Quigley
“Out of this world, Cheers Liam.”